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4 Simple Steps To Improve Your Email Marketing Strategy

An email marketing strategy is one of the most critical aspects for any business’s success. However, even if you execute every email to the exact specifications of your strategy, you won’t succeed unless your emails are high quality.

These 4 simple steps will help you improve your emails and your marketing strategy:



Step 1. Capture Potential Leads with Great Content!

Content over design! Although email design is an element in determining how your potential customers/recipients respond to your email, content is king. An average person takes under 2 seconds to click an email. Therefore, you need to grab their attention with content first.

Many end up focusing on looks rather than what the email says. This can cost you valuable potential customers.

Step 2. Simplistic Design Works Best

People usually over complicate design. The design of your e-mail should always be similar to the look and feel of your website and your brand. Simple design not only helps to increase the chance your email will look good but also helps your message stand out from the rest.

While writing an email, one of the best practices is to start with the “F” shape concept. Begin at the left and go across the top, using the usual normal design guidelines that you use.

Step 3. Quality Check Your Email

A quality check ensures a good user experience.

Take plenty of time to check all the links in your email are working and all images are viewable on different devices and different internet browsers. Always send a test email first. If you’re using alt text (which you always should), test your email with images disabled so that you can observe the alt text and make sure that it’s correct. Remember that a quality check is really important when it comes to emails.

Step 4. GIFs are the new images

If you use a GIF in any of your emails, it will improve engagement

GIFs are an amazing content choice these days because not only are they smaller than videos but they also don’t have audio! This makes them easier to load and quick to view.

Using a GIF basically provides good motion content that hooks the reader. The GIF won’t be the main content but will be present as an add-on. If the reader can’t view the GIF, they will still be able to view the message.

An effecient Email marketing strategy will definitely help increase your conversion rate. For more tips on how to improve your website’s conversion rate, DOWNLOAD OUR FREE CRO Case Study here!