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COVID-19: How to Continue Growing Your Business at this Time

With the entire country acting quickly to reduce the spread of COVID-19, the past few weeks have been immensely challenging for all of New Zealand. As we’ve moved into Level 4 restrictions, businesses are experiencing unprecedented impact and huge change for the foreseeable future. While there is undoubtedly uncertainty, one thing is more clear than ever: the crucial role that digital communication plays in everyday life.


Social distancing and self-isolation mean that social media has become the primary way that people are now interacting. While Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin were obviously popular before, their use during the pandemic has skyrocketed. In addition to this, Google and other websites are some of the only ways people can find out information about products, services and any other news they want to know. 


What this means for businesses is that an online presence is crucial during this period. More people than ever are active online and they continue to need information about the things that are important to them. 


If growth for your business is still top of mind for you during this time, digital communications should be a priority over the next few weeks. Utilising the available tools can make an enormous difference to how people interact with you in the current climate and allow you to continue engaging with your customers. 


Here are our tips for continuing to grow your business during the lockdown period:


1. Ensure your business can be found 


Make it easy for people to find you when they’re looking for you. The last thing you need during this time is for people to have trouble locating your website or social media page, so put in the effort to create accounts and get your site indexed by Google. Working to get your website ranked in Google’s search results page is called Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and will allow you to get discovered when people search for your keywords online. 


Google My Business is another feature that will allow you to update your customer base in real-time. Using this tool, you’ll be able to inform people of your temporary operating hours, any closures and other changes to your business during this period. 


2. Adapt to reach your customers, wherever they are, by connecting with them on social media


To say there’s been a shift in how the consumer behaves and interacts would be a huge understatement. As mentioned, your customers are set to be more active than ever on social media, so if you’re looking to keep things going, it’s time to start engaging. Update people, ask questions and share content your customers are interested in. It’s never been more important to pay attention to the relationship you have with your community, so don’t wait to start connecting.


3. Reach out and let people know what’s going on


It’s essential to stay in touch with your customers and keep them updated on your services through this time. This could be as simple as reaching out to them with an email, informing your customer base on any adjustments in your service delivery so they can keep supporting your company safely through this period – communication is key.


If appropriate, you could also create offers for online shopping, a delivery service, or another feature that stays within the current restrictions. Remain in touch with your customers while they are staying at home will ensure your business still reaches its audience and doesn’t lose out on important connections.


4. Maintain your digital marketing efforts


When things slow down, it can be tempting to call it quits and much of your marketing efforts. However, many aspects of digital marketing are about building long-term results and improving performance over time. A venture like SEO is a long-term investment that will have enduring benefits in the long run, so cancelling it now does not make much sense. COVID-19 will not last forever – focusing on getting back in the swing of things once restrictions are lifted could make an enormous difference to the future of your business. 


Contact Us for Advice on Growing Your Business Through COVID-19 Restrictions


The Web Co is continuing to operate as usual during this period and is endeavouring to assist Kiwi businesses with maintaining their customer bases and building their digital presence in the coming months. If you’d like any advice on marketing and web development, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.