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Have an E-Commerce Success Story This Holiday Season

You can almost hear wallets groaning as the big Christmas Holiday spending approaches, and preparation is critical to ensure you’re set up to receive the contents of those wallets.

It might feel like you’re jumping the gun if you begin Christmas prep for your E-Commerce store in early October, but a survey done by Energi revealed that 25% percent of Kiwi Christmas shoppers began their gift search in October.


So here it is. Christmas is already upon us. Bah humbug!


Energi also revealed that in Christmas of 2016, 69% of our Christmas shoppers did at least some of their shopping online, while 20% did most of their shopping online. That’s one in five people heading to the web to do the bulk of their shopping, which in that year, came to an average spend per person of about $590 NZD.

For those of us in the E-commerce world it’s important to ensure that we remain competitive to keep those online numbers up, but also to ensure those statistics are making their way onto your website, and not someone else’s.

Here is how The Web Company suggests you prep to take on the E-Commerce world this Holiday Season:


Social Media Marketing

In the E-Commerce world, it’s important that you are catching consumer’s eye in the same way that a retail store might catch their eye as they walk down the street. You need to be visible in areas where your consumers spend their time – social media!

Social media marketing is massive in NZ with digital marketing making up 34.6% of our advertising revenue ($900 million). Social media platforms have seen huge growth as advertising channels, and your website has to be on those platforms to be in to win.

Get some eye-catching ads made in order to make your presence known, and put them on the platforms that will be used most often by your target audience.


User Experience

Your E-commerce store is in competition with other stores both at home and abroad, and many international businesses may be able to offer cheaper prices that you might not be able to compete with.

According to, retail stores have come up with an approach in a bid to compete with cheaper E-commerce pricing, that you too can use as an E-commerce store.

Retail stores have been investing a lot of time into ensuring they deliver an exceptional customer experience to bring consumers back through their doors. You can do the same by providing an inviting and aesthetically pleasing website that is easy to use and makes the purchasing process an absolute breeze.



While shopping may begin in October for some organised folks, Christmas spending doesn’t hit its peak until the third week of December according to the Energi Survey. This means that most Christmas shoppers won’t have left themselves much time to wait for snail-paced shipping and may head to retail stores instead.

Same-day shipping both satisfies the impulse shopper’s need for instant gratification and keeps last-minute shoppers from stressing about the late arrival of their gifts.

Don’t miss out on peak shopping times due to slow delivery!


Buy-now, Pay-later

A benefit that many retail stores possess is the option to put items on layby so that consumers can afford to get through the Christmas frenzy by paying off gifts throughout the year.

According to UNLEASHED One of the greatest E-commerce hits of 2017 was the buy-now pay-later system.

With something like AfterPay, New Zealand E-commerce stores can stay on par with physical stores by offering diverse payment options that are consumer-friendly.


Refresh your brand


Make sure your social media accounts are ‘Seasonalised’.

Keep your brand relevant by updating your social media account with a holiday feel. You don’t need to do a complete overhaul, either: Small changes to your brand’s image will help your social media accounts catch new eyes.

Do small things like update your profile picture, post holiday-themed messages, or share pictures of your products in gift wrapping to help people associate your brand with holiday purchases.