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How Small Businesses Can Keep Up with Big SEO Competition

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Big businesses have the advantage in Google Search Rankings. They already have large customer bases, their websites will generally have a lot of authority and they have the resources to invest in all the necessary technical services to get the top spots. If you operate in an industry that is dominated by the big players, you may think you’ll never stand a chance in getting good Google rankings. 


And, you won’t. Unless you look at SEO differently than your competitors. Being a smaller business means you have to get creative if you want to stand out on the web. Large organisations have large budgets to invest in website changes and advertising campaigns to get their products out there. Keeping up without these efforts requires thought and strategy – but it is possible. 


How to Compete with Industry Giants on Google


In-Depth Industry Research


Before you can start standing up to the bigger websites, you first need to find out who they are, what they’re targeting and how your services or products compare. Competitor research will give you great insight into how saturated your industry is. It will give you an idea of how you are placed in your field and most importantly, where you could be. 


Once you know where your competitors are, you will be able to work out where they are not. Finding gaps in the market will give you a chance to see areas you should be focusing on. These may be very niche spots, areas competitors are missing or weaker points that you are able to go deeper into.


It’s also important to research your own position in the industry. Put some time to investigate your domain name, what keywords your website is ranking for and the history of your website. Looking into your own website’s optimisation level is essential Are you doing all you can to get the best rankings? 


Educated Strategy Planning


Once you have a clear understanding of your placement in your industry, it’s time to get started strategising on the optimal approach to your SEO. As mentioned, smaller businesses have to be innovative with their tactics. Think fast and nimble. Where larger businesses’ websites may be slower, more static and less responsive to local audiences, your business can be quick to react, constantly evolving and able to fit into a small niche.


As a small business one of your biggest advantages is your ability to provide dedicated customer service to your clients. You are able to put work into relationships with your customers that larger organisations aren’t. If you invest your time into attaining regular, loyal customers through great experiences with your online store or website you’ll be a step ahead of those that don’t. 


Applying Your Efforts


When you know how your industry is represented online and where you fit into the puzzle, you can begin your Search Engine Optimisation. Be creative in your approach. Attempt to think outside the box of what major businesses will be targeting and think instead of authenticity, providing value and trust on a local scale. 


Keyword research is your best tool for achieving this focus. Aim for long-tail keywords that are specific and relevant to the services or products you supply – the more precise, the better. Create content on each page that offers value to the user – always strive to satisfy the search query you are targeting. After all, Google’s intent is to offer websites on Search Engine Result Pages that answer whatever it is a searcher is looking for.


One of the biggest advantages of being a smaller business is your chance to build rapport with your community. In 2020, almost everyone is searching online before they do anything – that includes people in your neighbourhood. With Google’s sophisticated algorithms, location has become a huge part of what results users are shown. Concentrating on Local SEO can be extremely beneficial for your web presence!


Smaller websites that try to compete against large businesses on an unequal playing field of domain authority, resources and backlinks will continue to struggle to achieve visibility online. It doesn’t make sense to keep trying to do the same thing as those that have an upper hand. As a small business, things need to be done differently. Consider your own strengths and your point of difference – how you offer things others don’t. 


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