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How to Set-Up and Optimise Google My Business

how to set up google my business

If you’ve searched for a particular business or service, you may have noticed a special type of listing that appears next to the usual results on Google. This is called a Google My Business listing and it displays the hours, address, photos and information for a particular company. As an attention-grabbing feature that boosts interest and has a profound impact on click-through-rates and website traffic, it’s something that everyone should be looking into if they are focusing on digital marketing.

The good news is that Google My Business is freely available for many businesses and is easy to set-up and manage. Unfortunately, this tool is only available for those that “make in-person contact with customers during stated hours”. So, if you run a store that is solely online, you will likely be ineligible for the feature.

As a great tool for local SEO, setting this up and optimising Google My Business for users is an effective way of gaining more traction within search results pages. Here are the steps for creating and optimising a listing:

Claim Your Business Listing

To start out with Google My Business, the first thing you need to do is to claim your business listing. This involves signing into the feature using the email address associated with your company. You will then be required to fill out information which includes, the name and address of your business, how you service customers, your classification, and your phone number and website details. Following this, you will need to verify your business using one of the options Google provides. This is possible through:


  • Receiving a postcard with a verification code
  • Receiving an automated phone call from Google
  • Receiving an email
  • Instant verification
  • Bulk verification


Once you’ve claimed and verified your listing, you are free to post and optimise your information to provide further details for customers and those looking for the services you offer.

Optimise Your Business Listing

Optimising your business listing is all about helping your customers by providing them with as many details as possible. Ensure all your information is accurate and that you have provided a description of your company. It’s best practice to include your keywords in this description (which is usually the services you provide and the area you provide them in).

Following this, you can begin to add images. Photos of your business will help customers get familiar with your location and find you easier. They will also embellish your listing and make it more eye-catching in search results. Make sure the pictures you use are high-quality and up-to-date with the current look of your location.

Google My Business will also feature reviews and testimonials from customers. This is an immensely important aspect of your listing and can really influence how people see your company. A key part of Google My Business optimisation is to manage these reviews, responding to them whether they are positive or negative.

Continuous Google My Business optimisation is possible through publishing Google posts. Here, you can promote special offers, news, events and blog posts. Staying active on this feature will always be favoured by the search engine, so if you’re serious about generating outstanding results from the feature, this is the way to go.

Need Help Optimising Google My Business?

The Web Co offers specialist SEO services to local New Zealand businesses. We’re able to assist in setting up and optimising your Google My Business to facilitate exceptional results online. Talk to us today, or find out more about our services here.