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Introducing the TWC Creative Department

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If you’ve ever popped into the TWC office, you may have noticed the (relatively) new addition to the team: the creative department. We’re pretty easy to spot, to be honest. There’s Reamonn (a.k.a Ray), who is often dressed like an extra from an 80’s music video or a Woodstock attendee; and Stacey, who can never seem to decide on a hair colour. Our label as ‘creatives’ is basically a warrant to dress accordingly, and we try to live up to this name as best as we can (next week we’re planning on wearing onesies to work).

We’re not just here to brighten up the office with our colourful personalities, though! We’re employed to offer a range of creative services to clients. As AUT Advertising grads, we are both equipped with knowledge on campaigns, marketing, copywriting, art direction, creative strategies, graphic design and writing really long lists. Apparently TWC hired us because we seemed like the right fit for the job: Reamonn is a student Axis winner who dabbles in design and gig photography, while Stacey is TVNZ’s Art Director of the Year, was a 2014 Student Marketer of the Year finalist, and has experience in music journalism and magazine design — but if you ask us personally, we were hired because we’re good looking, charming and witty.


In our time at TWC, we’ve worked on everything from proactive idea generation and advertorial writing, through to logo creation, animation and web design. Although, (technically) we are a creative team consisting of a copywriter (Stacey) and an art director (Ray), we’d like to think of ourselves as a rad little bundle of creative skills that extend far beyond these positions. The way we work is pretty fluid – sometimes Ray writes copy and sometimes Stacey art directs. Creativity has no boundaries, and neither do our services.

When we’re not in the office brainstorming for our next brief (and consequently wallpapering the room with notes and drafts), we spend our time befriending the Parnell pigeons, who we are going to train up as a fierce army of carrier pigeons. Watch this space…