See the map below for available parking in the Newmarket  Area


Where to park when you’re coming to visit.

Our business car park is in the Bupa Building at the end of Suiter Street, Newmarket. Enter according to the image, drive to the very top of the ramp and make a right. We have a park available for visitors in bay no.7 – Keep an eye out for our signage!

Across the road from the Bupa Building on Suiter Street, you can find secure paid-parking in the Old Brewery Car Park. The terrain in this Car Park is a little rough, so we wouldn’t recommend it for low cars. Walk around the block to Kingdon Street to come visit us!

There is on-road paid parking in both Suitor and Kingdon Street, although we cannot guarantee availability.

At 461 Khyber Pass road (almost directly across from Kingdon Street) is a Wilson Car Parking Building that can be entered from both Khyber Pass Road and around the corner on York street. The casual rate is $4.00 per half hour. Be careful crossing the busy Khyber Pass road and come see us at 5-7 Kingdon Street, level 3.

The Wilson parking building at 17 Kingdon Street also operates at a casual rate of $4.00 per half hour. Once parked here you will need to cross the railway tracks to get to our end of Kingdon Street (5-7). The railway crossing is somewhat hidden by the parking building. See you soon!