2004 was the year that wireless networking moved from the ownership of the nerds into one where households and business owners could free themselves from the hard wire trip wires. This meant that we no longer had to take turns to use the Internet and we became “surfers”.

Although Telecom was the dominate provider back in the Two Zero Zero era the disestablishment of the Telecom Industry has meant more accessibility and better pricing for us all.

Back also in the Two Zero Zero era was when Patrick Howard started The Web Company. Who would have thought after 10 year, in 2014, the company would be as successful as it is with a team of 27 and growing.

Along the way the company has created its brands such as TWC Connect, TWC Results, Evolution Smart Software and Token Network. To be a success in the world of business your business needs a strong online presence. We watched over the Covid-19 lockdown period, as businesses that showed agility and adapted to their changing circumstances managed to survive, and in some cases against all odds, even thrive, thanks in large part, to their online presence.