How we charge

Professional Hourly Rates

We’re probably never going to be the cheapest web developers around but we’re thorough, we know what we’re doing, and we’re very experienced. When you come to us with a problem, we’ll look at all the different angles.  If we see something that may be important, we’ll tell you. We’ll do our very best to give you value for money.

At TWC our aim is to provide you with an efficient, high-quality service and to add value wherever we can. When first scoping a project, we will meet with you to discuss your requirements, determine what you are wanting to achieve and how you would like us to help you.

We generally value the work we bill out based on:

  • The urgency or complexity of the work;
  • The skill, specialised knowledge and responsibility involved;
  • The hourly rate of the team involved to deliver your requirements to a high standard.
  • The hourly rates of our team vary depending on the skill, experience and type of work involved.
Project ManagementPrice
Management $200
Strategic Planning$200
Marketing Lead$220
Account Management$200
SEO, SEM and Social$175
Creative Lead$220
Senior Designer$200
Copywriting $175
Technical Lead$220
Senior Developer$200
Standard Developer$175
Stock Image RatesPrice
1 Stock Image$100
10 Stock Images$900

All prices are excluding GST. Other rates may apply by mutual agreement.
NB: If you are a Non for Profit Organisation you will receive a 15% discount off all our rates.

We will charge for all additional work carried out if:

  • You ask us to carry out further work or otherwise change your instructions;
  • The amount of work or scope of the task changes as a result of matters unknown to us at the time of the estimate;
  • The time taken to carry out the work increases for reasons beyond our control.

If the cost of the work is likely to exceed the estimate, we will advise you of the reasons.