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Why you need to invest in development improvements

Our team always strives to produce the best solutions for you and your business, but the reality of web/software development is that nothing is ever perfect right off the bat. Even the most skilled developers on the planet produce work with room for improvement. That’s just the inevitable truth of development.

These unforeseeable issue resolutions and refinements are very labour-intensive. We work hard to ensure what you initially receive from us is of the best quality possible, but since nothing’s ever perfect with development, we work even harder when it comes to improvements.

These improvements can’t be implemented without additional work and time on our part. Economically speaking, it puts a strain on businesses to provide these services for free. No developer can predict when, why – or even if – these changes will be necessary, so from a client’s perspective, it’s important to understand why you need to investment in these improvements.

Consider the recent changes regarding Adobe’s creative suites or Microsoft’s Office 365: Years ago, these programs came with installation discs, and if something needed fixing, you could download an update. But times have changed, and so has this business model. Nowadays, these companies offer subscriptions rather than software licences. If you want improvements and upgrades, you need to pay via subscriptions. Why? Simply because things are more complicated today. It’s a lot of work for developers to make these changes, and quality support is never quick or free.

Coding in Delphi has some brilliant insights into this case in a blog post, highlighting the inevitability of improvements in development work. ReInteractive also features a great piece on the intensive nature of coding, too.